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Haridwar-Rishikesh Tour

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Place Covered:- Laxman Jhoola, Laxmanji Temple, Asian nation Mata Mandir, Swarg Ashram, Anand Bhawan, Yoga coaching Center, Sapt Rishi Ashram, Pawan Dham, Vaishno Mata Mandir, Shiva Temple, Har ki pauri.

Haridwar:- Haridwar is accepted to be honored by the distance of each one among the 3 noteworthy Gods of Hindus specifically Brahma, Hindu deity and Maheshwar. So it's frequently known as the "Passage to God". Thick woods and total clear water of waterway Ganges and also the tranquil crease mountains at the inspiration build the bewitching excellence of this Celestial City. Rishikesh however is thought because the "Passage of Char Dum". "Delhi to Haridwar same day rubber-necking tour package by tempo" Our best services are Delhi to haridwar rishikesh tour package same day by ac luxury bus, Same day haridwar rishikesh tour by luxury bus, Delhi to haridwar same day sightseeing tour package by car, Delhi to haridwar same day sightseeing tour package by ac bus, Delhi to haridwar same day sightseeing tour package by taxi in reasonable price.

Har Ki Pauri:- Har Ki Pauri is an acclaimed showering step on the banks of the stream Ganges in Haridwar. Har implies God(Shiva) and Pouri implies Footprint .It is sure that Lord Shiva and Lord Hindu deity have gone to the current place in antediluvian circumstances. Here one will see the impressions of Lord Hindu deity on a stone divider. Har ki Pauri is to boot a basic place for blessed shower amid Kumbh Mela.

Ganga Aarti:- Ganga Aarti is performed at Har-ki-Pauri amid Morning dawn and night gloaming. It’s one among the acclaimed customs in Bharat. It begins once twilight, with amazing cluster accumulated within the district of each the banks of a trench that conveys the waters of Ganges. This Ceremony is dedicated to stream Ganga that is usually giving life as her water to people. Ganga Aarti utilizes hearth as advertising.

Mansa Devi:- Mansa Devi is one among the foremost seasoned heavenly places within the city of Haridwar. The sanctuary is settled on the Bilwa Parvat on the Shivalik Hills.. The sanctuary holds the heavenly homestead Manasa, United Nations agency is claimed to own up up out of the psyche of the sage Kashyap as "shakthi". Mansa is viewed because the sister of the heavenly serpent Vasuki. Mansa implies want and it's sure that the deity satisfies all of the wishes of a real fan. so no enthusiast turnout while not going by this sanctuary. Fans United Nations agency want their wishes to be glad by deity Mansa attach strings to the branches of a tree settled here. Once their wishes are glad, people come back to the sanctuary to loosen the string from the tree.

Ram Jhula:- Ram Jhula is AN iron span settled at Muni Ki Reti in Rishikesh. It connects Swargadham, Bhagavadgita Bhawan and alternative temples and is settled three kilometre north of Rishikesh. In-built the Eighties, over the Ganges to cross the stream is additionally a landmark within the town. One will see a lot of commotion here than in Lakshman Jhula as there ar more ashrams and temples close to this bridge.

Sivananda Ashram:- Sivananda Ashram is settled aboard the sacred stream Ganges. It’s the house workplace and no natural purpose of convergence of an huge overall association known as "The Divine Life Society". This Ashram obliges the social wants of the final population of all categories. Its purpose is to disperse profound data through the protection of the previous conventions and social practices of Bharat by fixing places for honing yoga, distributing books, magazines then forth.

Gita Bhawan:- Bhagavadgita Bhawan is organized on the banks of the heavenly waterway Ganges, amidst chain of mountains extents at Swargashram. It contains numerous speak corridors and quite one thousand rooms that a accessible for nothing out of pocket for the keep of aficionados. It offers several tranquil and quiet spots for sadhana and reflection which attracts in numerous enthusiasts to rush in.

Swarg Ashram:- Swarg Ashram implies Heavenly Adobe. It’s found five kilometre from Rishikesh. Because the name implies, it's stunning place organized in beautiful surroundings at the foothills of mountain range. Swarg Ashram worked in memory of Hindoo Vishudhanand is that the nonnatural "ground zero" of Rishikesh, loaded with a set of various ashrams and sanctuaries.

Lakshman Jhula:- Lakshman Jhula may be a 450 linear unit long cantilever connects on the waterway Ganges in Rishikesh. Laxman Jhula that was antecedently a jute rope connect was reproduced by Rai Bahadur Sherprashad Tulshan and was opened to movement in 1930.It is sure that Lord Ram's younger sib Lakshman crossed stream Ganges utilizing a jute rope from here. Also, consequently the extension was named once him. This extension offers you a particularly seductive picturesque perspective of Rishikesh. Perspective of the thirteen story Trayambakeswar sanctuary to boot known as Tera Manzil is settled at the flip facet of the laxman jhula may be a treat to your eyes offers you a quiet feeling. Lakshman Temple and Sachha Akhileswar Mahadev Temple are to boot one among the important attractions around Lakshman Jhula within the market that is simply a leave laxman jhula one should buy valuable stones, non secular things to works of art and statues of much each god within the Hindu pantheon.


                                  Haridwar - Rishikesh - Laxman Jhoola

                                                                          Daily 24 Hours Tour

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                                                 Sight seeing on Rishikesh

1.Laxman Jhoola/ Ram Jhoola

                                               2. Laxmanji Temple

3. Bharat Mata Mandir

4. Swarg Ashram

5. Anand Bhawan

6.Yoga Training Centre

7. Sapt Rishi Ashram

Muni ki Reti Parking

Dep. 9.00 AM


Har ki pauri

Arr. 10.00 AM

                                                                                     Sight seeing on Haridwar

1. Pawan Dham

2. Vaishno Mata Mandir

3. Shiva Temple

5. Mansa Devi Temple

(By trolley)

6. Gangaji Mandir


Dep. 03.00 PM


Arr. 09.00 PM

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